Leominster Car Auctions are held at 6:00pm every Thursday

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  • Our auctioneers are skilled at recognising bids from their audience, but it is your responsibility to be seen so please make your bidding intentions clear and precise.
  • You must register to bid to be able to bid, please go to office.
  • Successful bidding, once the hammer has fallen and you are the highest bidder, you have entered into a legal contract to complete the purchase of the vehicle and there will be no opportunity for you to change your mind.
  • On the fall of the hammer or the completion of a provisional sale, the vehicles become the responsibly of the purchaser and therefore it is in your own interest to pay for and insure it as soon as possible. Vehicles are left on the premises at your own risk.
  • You will be required to pay a deposit with rostrum clerk if you are the highest bidder.
  • At the time of bidding the Rostrum Clerk will confirm if the car has been purchased outright or if the bid is 'Provisional'.
  • The term 'Provisional' means your bid has not reached the Reserve Price set by the Seller. Once we have received your deposit, we will negotiate with the Seller on your behalf and attempt to reach an agreement on a final sale price. There are times that the Vendor of vehicles may not be available and negotiations will have to take place the following day.
  • If an agreement cannot be reached and you choose not to increase your bid, you are able to then bid on another vehicle.
  • Full settlement of your purchase must be made within 3 working days of the auction.
  • Bank Transfer is the preferred payment option.  It is also the cheapest option for you as a buyer.
  • All payments above £7000 can only be taken by Bank Transfer.  We will no longer take cash or card  payments in excess of £7,000. 
  • You will need to provide valid photographic ID (Driving Licence or UK Passport with utility bill) when purchasing a vehicle through our auctions if you do not have an account with us.
  • A Buyer Fee will be added to the vehicle price. Please ask a member of the auction staff for details.
  • Once full payment has been made, we will release all of the vehicle documents and key(s) to you.
  • It is your responsibility to notify DVLA of a change of ownership.
  • All vehicles must be promptly removed, daily storage charges apply after 6 working days from purchase of £3.00 per day.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your new vehicle is road worthy and complies with the Road Traffic Act before it leaves the auction centre.
  • All vehicles are sold in accordance with our General Conditions of Auction, copies of which are displayed throughout our centres. Please read these carefully before you decide to bid and buy. If you are uncertain, please ask a member of staff who will be pleased to help.
  • Vehicles sold AS SEEN.  Any defects, mechanical or otherwise are accepted as conditions of purchase.  There is no rejection or cancellation possibility whatsoever after purchase.  All vehicles are sold AS SEEN unless otherwise stated.